D’Souza Describes Democrat Lies

Dinesh D’Souza began his speech last night by telling us about the first time he came to America. He was 17 and came with his family from India. His first sight was the Statue of Liberty. He appreciated even then that the U.S. was a place where how you plan your own life. “It’s not something given to you, but constructed by you.

“Even though the mantra given to you in the university is that all cultures are equal, immigration itself is a refutation of cultural relativism,” he explained. Otherwise, why would you leave your country? Immigration is casting a ballot in favor of America.”

The Progressives have not cast their ballot in favor of America, he said. Instead, they are working against that idea.
“The narrative is the background of how progressives think,” he said. “And they think that the country was ill founded; that the founders made a mess of the issue of equality by allowing slavery; and that we’re a country of white supremacy.

“The Progressives – who today are the Democrat Party – believe they are the ones dedicated to minorities and are the party of liberation, while Republicans are about conserving oppression. In truth, it’s Progressives who do the worst atrocities of all.”

Democrats use this platform as camouflage, he said, as in the issue of taking down Confederate statues. He finds it amusing that “The statues of Democrats are now being pulled down by other Democrats. It’s the big lie wherein the sins of the Democrat Party were put on the South.”

History supports his case. “At the time of the Civil War, there were pro slavery Democrats in the north and the south. All the anti slavery people were Republicans. In 1860 no Republican in the U.S. owned a slave. All four million were owned by Democrats.

“One of the worst racists was Stephen Douglas of Illinois. But you don’t see his statue being pulled down in Chicago.”

“The Democrats were racist in their founding,” D’Souza continued. “They said slavery was good for them. Even the Nazis didn’t try that,” he said.

“Slavery was legal in all states in the beginning,” D’Souza said. “Some of the founders did not like it, but they realized that it wasn’t a choice between slavery and no slavery. The real choice was a union that would tolerate it for a time or no union at all.”

After the Civil War, “White supremacist groups were a creation of the Democrat party as a paramilitary force. Every Jim Crow and segregationist law was done by Democrat governors and Democrat legislatures.” He credits FDR’s New Deal as the reason why in 1936 blacks left the GOP and joined the party of Jim Crow.

Another myth he dispelled is that all Dixiecrats became Republicans. “It’s a lie. They call it the big switch, but only one Dixiecrat became a Republican – Strom Thurmond. Nixon’s Southern Strategy in 1968 did not win the Deep South. George Wallace did. Nixon won the upper Southern states. Reagan later won the South because they shared his values of strong defense, low taxes and pro life.

“As the South became less racist, it became more Republican.”

Later: more on taking a knee, Charlottesville and fascism.

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