D’Souza on Fascism, Football and Weinstein

Noting that the Left loves to talk about fascism, applying that term to both Trump and Republicans, Dinesh D’Souza ably tackled that issue in his speech Tuesday night.

“Fake fascism is another Big Lie progressives tell,” the author and filmmaker said. “Nationalism is not a defining part of fascism. Socialism is central to fascism,” he said. He gave Winston Churchill as an example. While Churchill was certainly standing up for his country, he was not a fascist, he explained. Nor was he a socialist.

As the early proponents of socialism explained, “the individual is like a cell in the organism of the state. As such, it has no value, no rights, but is only there to serve the state. I ask you, does that sound like the platform of Republicans or Democrats?

“The racism and fascism cards the left uses to stop debate and to start violence.” D’Souza pointed out that college campuses and Hollywood have fascist tendencies.

“Hollywood is an oligarchy,” D’Souza said. “It’s like the Corleone family. They have the power to destroy.” He pointed to disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and the way he has conducted business.

He blames universities for taking some of these issues off the campus debate and blowing them up on a national stage. “I forgive Colin Kaepernick,” he says of the football player who started taking a knee during the national anthem. “He’s just a guy who runs with a ball. He doesn’t know he’s the product of progressive universities.”

Next: Audience members asked D’Souza questions and he comes under attack.

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