Statue Stays

I am surprised that the Historical Commission blocked the removal of the statue of Forrest.

I shouldn’t be, I suppose.

There has been a big campaign launched by Mayor Strickland and the CA to get rid of it. They talk in terms of it as if the statue left the park and went on raids every night and no one could stop it. They talk as if it’s the biggest problem Memphis has.

The media and the mayor also act as if the community is completely with them. The tip off that we aren’t is the intensity of their campaign for one. When they have a handful or less of their adherents show up at the City Council meeting, that’s a sign. When you see very few people at the park protesting, that’s a sign. When you see the pop up crowd that protested at last night’s game, that’s also an indicator. I’m not impressed by a few people getting dramatic. For all we know, most of them were trucked in. Maybe they’re local antifa. There always seem to be a group of people ready at any moment to get all wee wee’d up (Obama’s term) anywhere, any time. These types would protest a dill pickle if they wanted to.

Before the news of the stay came down, I had looked at Mayor Strickland’s facebook page. He uses it as one big virtue signal for all he does. He writes: “I am thankful for the support of so many Memphians who made the six-hour trip to Athens today. As I told the commission, this is a Memphis as unified on this issue as we’ve ever seen.”

But if you look at the comments, it hardly seems that we are unified on this issue. Take a look here: Most of the comments are quite hostile to the mayor.

Most have gleaned that this issue is one he hopes to ride to reelection. He is misguided. He is listening too much to his own people and not to THE people.

If you doubt that there is negative feeling out there, take a look at the CA. It keeps pushing its liberal beliefs, as it’s circulation numbers spiral downward. How few subscribers can they get to before they fold up and blow away?

Hope we find out soon.

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