Getting Interesting

Looks like a lot of stories of great interest are about to break.

Get the popcorn ready, sit back and get a big, cool glass of schadenfreude. I think we’re in for some doozies.

People on our side have been busy. Busy doing the work the TV news people, traditional newspapers and magazine “reporters” haven’t been.

For instance, Sean Hannity has been teasing about a big announcement. He’s tweeted, “Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock” several times. Last week it appeared that would happen yesterday, but didn’t. He teased again last night and said something big would come out today. “Tick, Tock tomorrow. BOOM.”

Apparently it’s tied to the work of Circa News’ Sara Carter and John Solomon of The Hill. She hints that it deals with Hillary Clinton, Russian collusion and the narrative.

This comes in conjunction with cryptic messages from Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. He’s taken to twitter, too. “4767 5774 6a7a 4d6c 6330 666b 314a 3453 0000 0907 84b4 f787 7616 86f7 a737 5707 5736,” tweeted Assange. Speculation concerns the hacking of the DNC. Stay tuned.
Then there is the Harvey Weinstein story. It has proven to be a Pandora’s box. A lot of monstrous things are coming out now.

One of which was hinted at Drudge last night. A well known big league actor has some Harvey style problems, too. The Sun reported, “AN Oscar-winning actor has become embroiled in the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal.

“The Hollywood A-lister was accused by a top US broadcaster of assaulting a loved one.

“In a reference to Weinstein, she said on social media it was ‘time the dominoes fell.’ We are not naming the star or his accuser for legal reasons.”
But others have suggested it is Kevin Spacey. The man who played the president on House of Cards may see his begin to tumble, too.

Yet others have said former Memphian Dan Schneider, who was in Head of the Class and went on to be a producer.

This tweet stirred some interest: “Dan is in charge of multiple hit TV shows such as iCarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh, etc. But rumors about him have been around for years, but it’s all coming up now.” It was paired with this photo:

And what about Hillary’s story about breaking her toe? Sounds odd. She explained: “I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards. I tried to get up and it really hurt. I’ve broken my toe. I’ve received excellent care from your excellent health service.”

She’s been wearing a medical boot. As one who broke a toe, there’s not that much involvement. Doctors often just bind the toe to another one and it heals.

Coffee? Really? More likely Chardonnay? How do you break your toe falling backwards? Something’s seriously wrong with her – outside of her need to lie about everything – physically. Remember her falls during the campaign and her weird eye focus?

While we’re at it, what about the security guard at the Mandalay hotel? He’s disappeared. Fox News reports:

The Mandalay Bay security guard who disappeared last week moments before he was scheduled to break his silence in television interviews has not been seen since he went to a walk-in health clinic, his union president said.

David Hickey of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) told reporters Friday that he got a text the night before saying Jesus Campos was taken to a UMC Quick Care facility, though he did not specify where or whom the text came from.

A spokesperson at the UMC Quick Care, which has eight locations throughout the Las Vegas area, told Fox News on Monday that they had “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them.

How did that happen and why?

Then there’s Project Veritas. They’ve been sharing videos that show the New York Times is biased. Here’s his latest video described:

Project Veritas has released a video of the New York Times Homepage Editor Des Shoe, who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that the Times has a liberal bias and attacking President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. This is part three of their American Pravda NYT investigation.

When confronted with the notion that during the election, The Times’ front page, for which she is responsible, was completely focused around Trump. She tells the undercover journalist that NYT reporters tried to influence the election with their reporting:

“I think one of the things that maybe journalists were thinking about is like…Oh, if we write about him, about how insanely crazy he is and how ludicrous his policies are, then maybe people will read it and be like, oh wow, we shouldn’t vote for him.”

All the big institutions seem to be toppling. Can’t happen fast enough.

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