Why Ellen?

It was surprising that after a no show for five news interviews, Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show.

With the importance of his testimony, wouldn’t a news show have been more appropriate? And one in prime time? How did she rate such a big get?

Could it be that she has a big stake in Vegas casinos? Read this posted two months ago on a site called Casinopedia:

International slot machine developer IGT has announced that the much-loved Sharing the Love video slot game, based on the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show, is being revamped with sleek new cabinet design. The new Crystal Curve ULTRA cabinet will be a new home for the slot, which packs features based on the TV show.

With the slogan ‘Laugh. Dance. Play. Love’, the Sharing the Love slot game is definitely a fun-packed title. This game has Ellen dancing around in the base game, using some clever animation, along with plenty of exciting soundbites. If you love this show, you’ll love being in the heart of the action.

Here’s the segment:

Campos will not be giving any more interviews.

Maybe the casinos decided to trot him out now, give their talking points and hope everyone forgets about the tragedy that took place at one of their venues. What better spot to put him than a show with a big reason to protect them?

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