Watching Newt

Last night I got a tip to watch Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannity’s 8 p.m. Central Fox TV show. The implication was that Gingrich had been imbibing.

I watched it and it gave me a new perspective. I would say that, after watching it, he did appear to have some funny answers and attitude.

See for yourself.

I ran across this quote from 2011 when Newt was a primary candidate for president:

“I wasn’t drinking, but I had precisely the symptoms of somebody who was collapsing from under its weight,” Gingrich said. ‘My life was full of accomplishments and achievements,” but “there was part of me that was truly hollow. I had to recognize how limited I was and how much I had to depend on the spiritual.”

And then he discovered AA: “Had I not had that intervention, I might have collapsed totally. That was the beginning of turning my life around,” Gingrich said.

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