CA Pushes for Muslim Rights

A front page story in this morning’s newspaper was headlined: “Student: Collierville policy unfair to non-Christians for religious holidays.”

The first reaction they want you to have is to believe that Memphis and Shelby County schools are discriminatory when it comes to religion. (Probably race, too, because with the media it’s grievance time everyday.)

The story described how one Muslim student was sad to miss her holiday, Eid, because she had to go to school. Notice she appeared to be the only one in her school with this problem. She raised her concerns with Superintendent John Aiken and he promised to review their policy.

The interesting part is the last name of the student. It’s the same as a Muslim ad salesman who worked at the CA. Don’t know if they are related or if it’s a common name, but it is a coincidence.

This man who was hired at the newspaper insisted that the building’s toilet facilities were not adequate for his religion. The management agreed to set up a private bathroom in the basement for him. He had some problem with others being in there, the stalls and the direction of the normal buildings being in conflict with Islam.

He could not even use a toilet, but insisted on doing his major job on paper towels. Housekeeping did not enjoy cleaning his privy.

After about three weeks the man was fired. The reason why is not clear, but he got a lawyer and was reinstated. However, he was shortly let go again.

Interesting, isn’t it, that rules and mores apply to others, not to the publishing company.

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