Where Is It?

Perhaps the biggest scandals to hit this country in decades, the Clinton ties to uranium kickbacks and the phony dossier, are strangely missing in today’s newspaper.

Not on Page 1, although they do put “Corker, Flake on an island in GOP” at the top. What island would that be, you might ask? Fantasy Island? Island of the Misfits?

Don’t look for it on Page 2 or 3 either. Nation and World Watch wrap up? Evidently it’s not important enough for even a few sentences. We do get this “A Trump critic won’t run again” about the feckless and clueless Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Editorial or op ed page? Absent there, too. After Business? No, although we do get another negative Trump Corker story in addition to the page 1 screed.

No, it’s not anywhere. Evidently the Linda Kerley senior center opening is more important than the loss of our strategic uranium to our arch enemy, Russia. And the corruption of the Democrats for paying for the ridiculous Steele Golden Showers dossier that slurs Trump. And the inclusion of the Department of Justice and FBI and possibly Obama as they protected the Clintons from any problems with all of this.

After all, why would the CA want to anger their only readers – liberal Democrats with an unwavering, unstable hatred of Trump? Are there any other readers besides these? Pleasing them appears more important than the truth.

But we knew that from the past few years. Keeping the truth away and out of minds is more important than shedding light on it.

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