News Blackout Day 2

This morning’s CA once again does not think the stories about the Russia Golden Showers dossier on Trump, nor the Hillary Clinton Uranium One scandal deserves an inch of space in their newspaper.

Many are calling it another Watergate, including President Trump, or worse than Watergate, but that doesn’t sway Gannett.

“Third Grade Students Learn to Do Laundry” photo – your feel good race picture of the day – takes up part of the top of the paper. Cherokee Elementary principal Sunya Payne and appliance store manager Khafre Hooper high five students eager (?) to learn laundry tips.

There’s certainly a wash of some kind going on at the DNC over these issues, but I don’t think that’s what they’re referencing.

On page 4 you get the daily anti Trump diatribe cloaked in Corker madness. Half the page is devoted to “Corker to Use Power Against Trump.” Interesting that he never used any power against Obama.

Nothing about the scandals in the Nation and world roundup either. It appears elections in Kenya are more important than DNC, bribery and the giving of vital nuclear bomb components to our enemy Russia.

Zero on the editorial page either.

You’d have more luck finding anything out in the comics than on the news pages.

Perhaps this is why people aren’t reading the rag anymore?

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