Blackout Day 3

Even though the Russian dossier fakery and the treasonous Uranium One deal by the Clintons have rocked Washington, it’s apparently not of any interest to the CA.

Now we’re on day 3 of their news blackout of all these things. It’s unbelievable for any organization that considers itself in journalism.

Nothing on Page 1, nothing on the editorial pages again.

A problem of space, you say? It’s true that some days the CA has fewer pages than a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet handed out on a street corner. But they still have plenty of room for Trump hate stories. Today we get an inference story on page 1 about the “VA hospital rankings: Worst still the worst.” OK, but eight years of neglect, deaf ears and subversion by the Obama administration won’t get fixed in even a few months by the Trump people.

If Obama was good at one thing, it was spreading cancerous illnesses throughout government agencies.

We get two stories on Trump and the opioid crisis. Together they are about half a page, plus another one on the editorial page by Congressman David Kustoff.

I think they’ve got that covered.

As they do today also on the daily barrage of white supremacy, racism and diversity stories.

You’d think the House passing a budget that prepares the way for tax cuts and tax reform might show up at least in the business section, but it’s not newsworthy either, even though it touches all Americans.

Whatever you pay for that rag is not worth it. It wouldn’t be worth it for free either. We’re a long way from all the news that’s fit to print.

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