Outer Spacey

Did you know that actor Kevin Spacey, now departed from House of Cards, has a foundation? Neither did I.

Are these Hollywoodites rolling in so much money and sanctimony that they can name a foundation after themselves and pretend to be decent human beings?

The hypocrisy, in the case of Spacey, is out of this world. The actor who has been accused by multiple young people and adults of homosexual misconduct – even to the point of rape – has a foundation to mentor young people.

It’s a ploy that Democrats/liberals live by: whatever wrong you do, accuse others of doing it. Throw the first mud. Cast the first stone. In this case the rule has grown a corollary; slap your name on a foundation to cover for yourself.

The star founded the Kevin Spacey Foundation in London in 2010. Its mission was “to provide mentorship and grant opportunities to schoolchildren, young people and emerging artists in the performing arts and film.” He has since expanded it to the U.S.

The Washington Free Beacon says he had held auditions with 1,200 young artists by 2015.

How would you like to be their parents?
Remember Spacey is one who mocked Trump and called him a “disease” at the swanky Cannes film festival.

He has since shutdown his website and the twitter account has gone poof!

How many more are out there? Probably a lot.

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