Beg Pardon?

When you’re Steve Cohen, you must have to have a wheelbarrow to help you carry your ego around.

Take this for example. He wants to change the Constitution. He wants to get take away the president’s right to pardon. This was the header in his weekly email: “preventing presidents from pardoning themselves, family or aides.”

Guess he knows better than the country’s Founders or top law professors, such as Alan Dershowitz.

Cohen writes, “On Tuesday, I introduced a Constitutional Amendment to limit the scope of the presidential pardon power. The Amendment would prohibit presidents from pardoning themselves, as well as members of their families, their administrations and campaign staffs. The pardon power is supposed to be a safety valve against injustice. It is not supposed to be a way for presidents to put themselves, their families and members of their administration and campaigns above the law. The Amendment would apply to the current as well as future presidents.”

He “humbly” included this clip of himself:

Does he think anyone is listening to him? Does he think there is any point to this in a state legislature run by Republicans plus a GOP House and Senate? Could he expect Trump’s signature on this bill?

He’s displaying just what Americans now hate about their government. That is, legislators who promote themselves and spend time and our money playing partisan politics that lead nowhere.

How does this man keep getting elected?

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