Antifa Flop

Yesterday, Nov. 4, had been designated a day or resistance by the radical group antifa. We were warned that 20 cities would see their protests and that they might turn violent.

Instead, they got nothing. Even Newsweek had to admit that “The so-called November 4 protests, which took place in cities across the country today, hosted by a nascent protest group called Refuse Fascism, will likely be remembered more for what they did not look like, than what they did.”

Could it be because this is all a phony, contrived George Soros backed plan to weaken President Trump? If so, it didn’t work. Here’s a picture from New York:

Hardly energized are they?

Some are attributing the debacle to Jeff Sessions.

Yes, maybe our Attorney General has done something at last that has an effect.

CNN reported in June that

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ending an Obama administration practice that steered millions of dollars in settlement money from large corporations to public interest groups.
For example, under Obama, when a major bank such as Bank of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) was forced to pay billions in settlement money in a housing case, millions would be directed to groups such as Habitat for Humanity.
Republicans have long been critical of the payments, likening them to a slush fund.
Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has complained that the Obama administration redirected nearly $1 billion through the payments. He introduced legislation to stop it.

Many of these “protestors” are really just hired thugs. Without the money, their dedication to the cause appears to evaporate.

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