The Strange World of the CA

This morning’s top headline was a real head scratcher: “Building surge means few workers.” Subhead: “Contractors are hiring thousands in Tennessee.”

Yes, when people begin to construct and build in a good economy, they hire more people and that means fewer unemployed. It’s not a surprising occurrence. Is this a stop the presses type story worth the top spot on the greatest circulation day?

And why couch it in such an odd way? If this means the economy is booming, why not say that? Are they afraid that Trump would get some credit for it?

Is this a bad thing? You wouldn’t think so. The story says, “Despite the scarcity of workers, contractors in Memphis and Nashville found thousands of new employees this summer, setting off the biggest surge in construction hiring in two decades in those regions.”

“Those” regions? You mean our region? The author, Ted Evanoff, writes locally, but Gannett likes to make its stories stretch across the state in some attempt at mass dissemination. Propaganda likes uniformity in messaging.

Are we in danger of not having enough people to work here? The unemployment rate is not that low. Many claim to be searching for work. Are they saying we need more immigrants to come and work here?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not the real point of this story – a slap at Trump’s immigration restrictions. Don’t forget that the US Chamber of Commerce, under Tom Donahue, is actively fighting and lobbying against Trump for cheap laborers for businesses.

That’s the only thing I could glean from this ridiculous story.

They sure are working overtime and in convoluted ways to push liberalism.

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