You Know This Guy

Most Americans, including me, don’t much follow Saudi princes or politics.

So it wasn’t on most peoples’ radar when the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman instigated a round up of Saudi princes and businessmen. However, it’s a big deal.

Why was this happening? Evidently the crown prince has come out against the support of radical Islam and money lobbying around the world and wants to stop it. It has President Trump’s approval – according to his tweet and photo of Bin Salman.

Trump’s first trip as president was to Saudi Arabia, evidently to form alliances with the good guys and urge them to purge the troublemakers.

Looks like the Crown Prince is following his suggestions. Among the biggie picked up is Al-Waleed bin Talal.
Think you’ve never heard of him? Well, you have.

Remember the Saudi sheik who gave Rudy Giuliani a check for $10 million after 9/11? It was Al-Waleed. He irked the mayor, who returned his check, because Al-Waleed used the occasion to say, “At times like this, we must address some of the issues that led to such a criminal attack. I believe the government of the United States of America should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause.”

Didn’t sit well with Giuliani or the American people.

But that’s not all.

He’s Citigroup’s largest individual shareholder. He is the second largest voting shareholder in 21st Century Fox. He also owns part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. which includes the Wall St. Journal and Fox News. He is said to have donated to the Bush family libraries and is giving Obama money for his library, too.

He owns the top five floors of Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay hotel, where the shooting occurred last month. He was said to have helped pay Obama’s tuition when he went to Harvard.

That’s a lot of influence on our lives. Cutting off money like this changes how things are done in Washington. For the better.

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