Now China in Media Blackout

You have to hand it to the media. When they want to black out a story, they do it down to the smallest media outlet.

Gannett, a big print purveyor of swamp crud, sees to it that their reach travels down even to insignificant outlets like the CA. Memphians who read the rag never encountered any stories about the tax reform plans passed in the House or Senate or about any of Hillary’s connections to the Golden Showers dossier or her selling (and profiting from) the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium. You got crickets.

Whenever Corker emerges from swamp ooze to croak something negative about President Trump, the CA devotes a lot of ink to it – usually several stories – in their already handkerchief size news pages.

Today is no different.

Yesterday and today Trump made a historic visit to China. China is undoubtedly the most important relationship with another country we have. The Chinese welcomed Trump effusively with all pomp and ceremony. For the first time, the Chinese played our national anthem for the president and first lady. They toured the Forbidden City (a first for a U.S. president, too) before dining there. It’s considered a huge honor.

Don’t look for any info on that or on any talks about North Korea in the CA. No front page picture. No headlines. We are informed that Obama showed up at the court house in Chicago for jury duty, but wasn’t chosen. That Trump restricts business and travel to Cuba and that our ancestors were rats, according to a British article.

On network and cable TV last night you didn’t see any coverage of the Chinese welcome to Trump either. A little bit of a performance by children for Melania was shown during Sean Hannity’s show, but there was no sound from it. Instead, Lanny Davis was on with others to discuss Democrat wins and the Brazile books.

I guess it’s a matter of priorities.

These people are manipulative and sly. Today’s informed American can just about write off any newspaper, skip national news and instead look at a variety of websites. They don’t care about the truth and they don’t have Americans’ interests in mind.

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