Trump’s Return

Since President Trump left on his Asia trip, Republican congressmen and senators have acted like children.
Before he left, it appeared we were on the cusp of getting real tax reform passed. A bill passed in the House and another in the Senate. There was talk of getting it put together by Thanksgiving.

Since Trump left, the tax reform plan has splintered. Now we have different people coming up with new plans. The House committee spent three days wrestling with it and last night Chairman Kevin Brady basically took his work home for an all nighter. They got it out of committee this afternoon, but then there’s …

The Senate. There the swamp critters want to come up with their own plan. People like McCain and Corker, who only see their own interests instead of the country’s, plan to sabotage everything. They’re not up for election, so why not? McCain might be called home by the lord (or someone). Nothing to lose for them.

Some Republicans may have been spooked by Tuesday’s wins by the Democrats. The media has hyped what was really not a surprising outcome.

Some may have let the door open to the lobbyists again, who come in and plot and plan for their own clients/interests.

Some are too obtuse to know what’s going on. This afternoon another wrinkle was thrown in the mix. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of sexual harassment back in 1979. If the Democrat wins, that could imperil anything passing at all.

When President Trump returns, I hope he shows these knuckleheads that Daddy’s back and he doesn’t like what the kids have done while he was gone. He’s the one who can do it. Tough love applies now. Rough ’em up (figuratively of course) until they know who’s boss. Sadly these “kids” are too messed up to know what to do.

But that’s why we hired Trump, isn’t it?

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