Obama Going to Pot?

I used to think that after he left the presidency, Barack Obama would hole up in his DC home and start plotting and planning on how to destroy Trump and the Republicans. After all, transforming the country into his own socialist vision was what he worked on for eight years on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A recent interview by author Ed Klein suggests he’s not all that engaged. Gateway Pundit reports:

Ms. Mefferd, a longtime former religion writer for the Dallas Morning News is now a Christian Talk Show host. On Tuesday she interviewed Ed Klein on his latest book “All out war: the plot to destroy Donald Trump”.

The conversation turned to former President Barack Obama, and how he’s not quite being the warrior that many expected him to be (and I must confess that knowing 1. Obama doesn’t like people (according to a former staffer), 2. that he’s far from the most disciplined of men, and 3. that he may still have some bad habits from his younger days I somewhat expected this).

Mr. Klein dropped this baby H-bomb on the show. “According to my sources, despite all the efforts on the part of the Democratic party to get the former president engaged he’s totally disengaged,

“He’s popping gummy bears infused with cannabis… all this comes from a source of mine who actually has smoked marijuana with him since he left the White House.” He’s, as you just said, playing video games like a teenager, going back to his “Choom gang” days in Hawaii when he smoked pot.”

That wouldn’t surprise me. Obama’s day in the White House usually began at 10 a.m. Remember, too, that he didn’t want to read the presidential daily briefings? He concentrated on basketball Final Four picks and loved to watch games in another office in the afternoons.

Obama always seemed programmed to me. Many believe, and I do, too, that he was selected early in his life to be groomed for the job. Thus he has other people who instruct him what to do.

Mrs. O may not be so lazy. Rush Limbaugh believes she is eyeing the Oval office herself. She’d love to do what Hillary couldn’t do and she’d love the power.

The Democrats have so few top tier people to choose from, Michelle might very well be viable.

And that would be a very bad thing for the country.

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