Where’s Trump?

Another day, another excluding of Trump’s Asian trip in the CA.

You can’t blame the time difference on this either. A lot has happened regarding trade and North Korea when Trump went to China. It deserves coverage no matter what your political bent because it will effect us all.

That isn’t what Gannett considers journalism, however. Reporting news in an objective way? Not their style. It might make President Trump look good.

Instead, we get a little story in the news roundup that the “Trump administration unleashes more sanctions on Venezuela.” Interesting word choice in “unleashes.” Sounds harsh and mean, doesn’t it?

Then the usual editorial page hit job with a Corker plug: “Corker, Trump: when lies push truth out the door.” Corker, of course, is the good guy while Trump is a “petulant, name calling reality TV celebrity, who, through a colossal accident of history became our president.” There’s more, but you get the gist.

Far be it for the CA to report anything. Can you imagine the pages devoted to Obama, had he made the trip?

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