Ford Jr. Surfaces

According to Page Six of the New York Post, Harold Ford Jr. attended an engagement party for MSNBC’s lovey dovey couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Former Obama “car czar” and “Morning Joe” contributor Steve Rattner threw the party for them.

The MSNBC co-anchors were engaged in late April during a romantic trip to the French Riviera to celebrate Mika’s 50th birthday and plan to marry next year, we’re told.

The “First Couple of Cable News” was surprised, at the party held at Rattner’s Fifth Avenue apartment, by an impersonator of their nemesis, President Donald Trump.

The fake Trump interrupted Rattner’s toast by hollering, “I need to correct you. The fake news is at it again. They love to lie. The show is awful and unwatchable. People are saying it was canceled weeks ago.”

The impersonator also joked, “I never colluded with Russia, and I never gave intelligence to Russians because I never had intelligence and I never will.”

Guests toasting the happy couple on Thursday night included John Kerry, Ari Emanuel, Harold Ford Jr., Chuck Schumer, Nicolle Wallace, Al Sharpton and Peggy Noonan, as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Ari Emanuel is, of course, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s brother. Nicolle Wallace and Peggy Noonan were once Repubicans; Wallace worked for GWB and Noonan for Reagan. How far they have fallen to hobnob with Schumer and de Blasio!

How did Ford rate an invite? Is ha planning a run?

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