Get the News – Twice

This morning, paging through the CA, I again didn’t see any stories about President Trump in Vietnam or elsewhere.

Not surprising – again.

I did see a page and once I started reading it, it suddenly seemed very familiar. It was Page 5 with the USA Today header. There was a large picture of Alabama Judge Roy Moore plus a smaller picture of Senator Mitch McConnell. Reminded me of Friday’s edition.

Digging yesterday’s newspaper out of the recycle bin, I found Page 6 was the exact page run today. The newspaper editors are so sloppy and careless they ran the same exact page. How did no one notice this?

The answer is no one there or in Nashville cares. It’s just a product to be cranked out without any measure of quality. It shows how unreliable Gannett is. All they care about is pushing their propaganda. I’m not sure they even care about making money. All the news that’s fit to print – twice.

The sooner they’re out of business the better.

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