More Than Moore

The false outrage about something Judge Roy Moore might have done 40 years ago is, in itself outrageous.

The Democrats and GOPe act as if they have the high moral ground. They don’t. I don’t know if Moore did something, but I do know there have been plenty of outrageous capers going around in D.C. Take former Vice President Joe Biden. He can’t keep his hands off women, as evident in this clip.

The behavior of Ted Kennedy, which even involved the death of a young woman, didn’t get him kicked out of politics. Today he’s regarded as the “lion of the Senate.” No outrage there. Doesn’t seem like he acted too nobly towards his wife, Joan. After marrying him she succumbed to alcoholism and ended up living on the street.

Then there is currently Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ). He’s on trial for bribery in addition to his dubious behavior reported around young girls on flights to the Caribbean. In fact, his whole trial has gone dark. The jurors couldn’t reach a conclusion and one decided it was more important that she keep her vacation plans than participate in our justice system.

Such as her participation was. She confessed she didn’t know what a senator was and asked for a definition. She blabbed about jurors’ verdicts.

Yet Moore may have to pay a price? What’s the definition of insanity?

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