Time for a Cup of Sanity

More developments broke yesterday on the boycott of Keurig products instigated by Hannity supporters after the company pulled their ads. Keurig had been informed by Media Matters for America president Angelo Carusone that Hannity supported Judge Roy Moore and pedophile/sexual harrassment.

Here’s a photo of Carusone. Was this selfie taken in his parents’ basement?

Hannity said yesterday and last night that Keurig had walked back their threat. Have they continued sponsorship? That is not sure yet.

Disturbingly, In an article Monday afternoon, “The Wrap” put the number of sponsor defections at eleven. Keurig was still on the list.

Disturbing, too, is how quickly all this escalates. In the current climate, allege sexual harassment and the herd starts running. The Left is masterful at creating chaos and panic. They desire to hurt the opposition and morality has nothing to do with their practices in achieving it.

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