Moore Is Less

When President Trump went to Alabama to stump for Luther Strange in the primary, I listened to his speech.

Many conservatives had asked why he was backing the more GOPe candidate Strange instead of Judge Roy Moore. Moore would have been a natural for a Trump endorsement, since he leans right, too, but he spoke up for Strange. Many believed Trump had cut a deal with Strange backer Mitch McConnell.

Listening to Trump’s speech, I thought there is something Trump knows about Moore that we don’t. There is something that makes him want to distance himself from Moore. Now it turns out there is.

Perhaps McConnell – who I believe is the one behind the outing – told Trump that should Moore win the primary, bad things would come out about him. That’s what happened.

I’m not for the GOPe getting a scalp in this race, but I do agree with Hannity that in the next 24 hours Moore should either bring out absolutely conclusive proof of his innocence or get out of the race. Right now he is harming himself, his family, his state, his party and his nation.

If the Democrat were to win this race, Alabamians would regret having chosen him for the next three years. He could be an awful obstacle to the agenda they would prefer. I do believe something will be worked out to stop Moore. In addition, he’s standing in the way of the message on taxes and Obamacare’s repeal.

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