Awaiting Bill O’Reilly’s Take

I have been checking twitter and eagerly await what Bill O’Reilly thinks about this photo:

You might remember that Al Franken and O’Reilly have nothing but contempt for one another. On The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly referred to Franken as Stuart Smalley, the name of a character he played on Saturday Night Live. It was his way of pointing out how unfit the former comedian was to hold a Senate seat and the contempt he had for him.

It appears that a lot of people have joined the tribe of ousted guys from important jobs. O’Reilly and Fox’s Roger Ailes were removed from their jobs at that network quickly and fiercely. Then followed Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywoodites.

Looks like politicians are getting in on the action now, too. Aside from Bill Clinton, the guy who showed the way, so to speak when it comes to sexual harassment and even rape charges, there is Senator Menendez. He seems to like young girls on his trips to Orgy Island with a benefactor. Vice President Biden has been shown lately why he is referred to as “Handsy.” He likes ’em young, too. Of course there were Senators Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd who ordered a waitress sandwich at a certain restaurant they frequented.

Will there be any comeuppance for Franken? Not if the networks and newspapers have their way. It will be blacked out, just like everything else harmful to Democrats is. (See Menendez trial coverage – if you can find it.)

Someone else besides O’Reilly will be enjoying Franken’s discomfort. Remember Senator Norm Coleman? He was the Republican Senator from Minnesota who ran against Al Franken. He lost in a very tight election only because some ballots that were clearly marked for him were declared ineligible. Coleman should have kept his seat, but like always, the GOP (the governor was a Republican at that time – Tim Pawlenty) didn’t go to bat for him.

Have a good laugh, Senator Coleman! It’s the rare time Al Franken has been funny.

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