Nextdoor Gives Peek Into Issues

About 2400 people participate in, read, enroll in the Midtown Nextdoor Neighbors email. That’s 57% of residents according to their site.

The day to day topics give a pretty good look at what peoples’ concerns and strongly held beliefs are.

Crime is the No. 1 topic. Is there a day that goes by without “Gunshots,” “Suspicious person,” “Package stolen,” “Car break in” or other such phrases popping up in the header? Or people complaining about the rampant crime?

Responses like these show what we’re up against:
“It’s scary for sure. Usually the holidays bring more crazy crime. I’m praying it doesn’t and they (criminals) stay inside and away from here. I’ve put sheers on our windows to keep them from seeing inside. I’ve also noticed Peabody has turned into a car racing track late at night. Where is our police? Where is our mayor?”

“I’m really really hoping that the violent crime slows way down with the chilly weather easing in… we always jokingly pray for crappy weather because that means way less gunshot/stabbing victims come in (the ER) – because people just are not outside as much when the weather is cold or wet. It’s not an answer to the problem but it might be a small reprieve.

“… I remember when the police station on Union Ave. was about to close, but the PST branch was still going to be there – an old policeman told me, ‘Within a year or two, you won’t be able to live in Central Gardens; the residents here have no idea how much stuff we stop daily – and now they are moving the oldest police department in the city – outside of downtown – it’s a shame.’ In my heart of hearts I was hoping this man wasn’t right – but now I am wondering if he was telling me something prophetic. With property taxes as high as they are, with the ‘educational system’ being as horrible as it is – and with graft within the school system being something that the thieves in Washington, D.C. would be proud of, I am wondering why the city can’t find the money to pay for the police department to hire the people it needs, and to keep a station at the original Union Avenue location, AS WELL AS a station on Crump. Why can’t that be done?”

Mayor Strickland may talk about dealing with crime, but people sure don’t see any progress.

As for beliefs, Midtown is liberal and sometimes hysterical.

Someone who had a Black Lives Matter sign posted in the yard shared a note received in the mail. It was a card that said “All Lives Matter.” There was no return address.

This person interpreted it as “#bigotry #whitenationalistterrorism #hatemail #dumbbigots” and wrote “I reach out to anyone who wishes to speak out against hate to put a black lives matter sign in your yard to combat this hater, who I am sure is not alone. We can’t let intimidation like this stand. Imagine what hate mail actual people of color receive standing up for themselves?”
The responses were interesting. Here are some:

“Where is the threatening part?”

“I would not take that as a threat. Not hate mail if it says all lives matter. If you want to see what a threat or hate mail looks like, put a Trump sign up in your yard.”

The person who got the mail responded:

“It is actually hate mail, it’s confrontational to send an anonymous letter to a strangers house because you don’t understand that a black lives matter sign doesn’t mean all lives don’t matter, it means that we need to draw more attention to the importance of black lives since they are not treated fairly or reported about as equally as white lives. It’s like having a breast cancer awareness ribbon, it doesn’t mean other cancers aren’t important, it means attention needs to be raised toward that specific cancer so more public support and finding will come to that cause. No one sends letters, or confronts people with pink ribbons because they aren’t saying ‘all cancer is terrible’”.

Followed by
“I don’t know why “ALL LIVES MATTER” is considered “a hateful phrase” and don’t know how you consider this threatening. Yes, it was mailed to you and the zip code was wrong. Whoever did this is an idiot. I would just ignore it and go on about your day…”
Which the person then said:

“It’s hate mail because it is intended to loudly silence my black lives matter sign, and the issue that black lives are not treated as well in society, their deaths are not treated as importantly as white lives. This does not mean all lives do not matter, it means that attention needs to be paid to black lives in our society to end the disparages between us. It’s a hateful tactic.”

Another said:
“We just don’t want you to feel threatened and certainly you’re not hated. I’m certain… I have passive aggressive neighbors that are more bothersome, but this is harmless. Please do not become aggressive.”

“WTF is wrong with people? I’m starting to think we need to be two different countries because apparently the two sides currently residing in the US are never going to be able to work together on anything again. The days of cooperation, consensus and compromise seem to be over. Obviously the days of human understanding are over too.”

“Probably All Lives Matter was just the writer’s opinion, which means Alicia’s life matters…I wouldn’t categorize it as awful hate mail., just mail from someone who doesn’t understand the Black Lives Matter concept.”

“How can it be threatening if it states that all lives matter. That would surely include yours.”

The receiver of the note again commented:

“Girl, it’s not that it conveys all lives matter, it’s that it angrily imply that black people don’t struggle with equality in our society. It’s like saying ‘support pancratic cancer!’ Then someone writing a letter to that person with just all caps saying ‘ALL CANCERS MATTER'”.

“How could you decipher all of that in those 3 words? For that matter, all people are currently struggling in our fair city’s society trying to stay safe and out of the way from (statistically proven) black men’s gun shots.”

“I was afraid this post was going this way… (Recipient), Black Lives do Matter! So do White, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue or what ever color there is! The main point is we, as people I was afraid this post was going this way…
Alisha, Black Lives do Matter! So do White, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue or what ever color there is! The main point is we, as people , a city, county, state and country, should be colorless. This is just a theory or hope; but not reality. You received a piece of mail and perceived it as a threat/hostile. Your perception is your reality! It may not be others. Does this make us (others) wrong? I understand you have this belief that Black lives are not important to society as a whole. This is not TRUE! As X said ‘All people are currently struggling in our fair city’s society trying to stay safe and out of the way from (statistically proven) black men’s gun shots.’ Using this as an example then: If Black Lives Matter, then the ones ‘who matter’, need to change their own dynamic. How many psychologist’s does it take to change a light bulb? Think about it.”

“Just brush it off your shoulder and move on. Don’t let this person disturb your peace of mind. I honestly don’t think they meant you harm. Just voicing their opinions in an inappropriate way.”

It was interesting to read the spectrum of opinions. This kind of politics doesn’t usually get allowed on Nextdoor; perhaps it has since been removed.

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