Soros Behind Net Rants

The Liberals/Progressives/Democrats long ago targeted comedy as a gateway to influencing young peoples’ opinions.

It’s worked. Boy, how it’s worked.

“Comedian” Jon Stewart on his Daily Show was the source of news for most millennials. Why not? It’s easy to digest something when it goes down easily. Alinsky’s rule – to target something/someone and mock it relentlessly – appeals to naive young people who feel that satire must mean it’s true. Why bother comparing news stories or analyzing themselves by compiling different viewpoints? They are obviously not taught to have critical minds at universities anymore.

The issue of net neutrality is one such example. At we find out that Progressive Daddy Warbucks George Soros has used “comedian” John Oliver to work that issue for him.

John Oliver frequently uses his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” to run impassioned segments on the topic of net neutrality. He calls on viewers to comment on the topic at the FCC’s website during his 13-minute “rants” demanding the FCC commit to net neutrality, the Internet regulations enacted by Barack Obama. His viewers left many extremely racist comments against FCC chairman Ajit Pai, the first Indian-American to hold the post. John Oliver has not disavowed these racist attacks, despite repeated requests to do so.

Further, what John Oliver has not admitted is that his “rants” were planted by a lobbyist for Google named Marvin Ammori. Ammori is the founder of the Ammori Group, a law firm and public policy firm based in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley, that lists Google as “the largest and most established client we counsel.” Ammori is also listed as president of the Fight For The Future Education Fund 501(c)3 board, which is a project of Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

Ammori himself admitted he planted the story with John Oliver at a SXSW event in 2015. While appearing on a panel, Ammori stated:

“I knew an entrepreneur in San Francisco, it was probably April or May and he e-mailed me and said, “We’ve got to get John Oliver talking about this.” And I was like, “Why John Oliver? He’s just on HBO, no one watches HBO.” He had this new show, it wasn’t all that popular. I was like, “Look dude, you are this relentless entrepreneur who knows people in Hollywood. Just email everyone you know, do whatever you want and we’ll see what happens.” Then a few weeks later there was this John Oliver skit that was amazing.”

Infowars recently reported that Google, Soros, and others have spent $72 million to influence public opinion through public relations to promote the idea that the internet should be regulated under Title II of the Communications Act as a public utility.

Since HBO is not a broadcast TV station it does not fall under the FCC’s Payola Rules. The Payola Rules state: All sponsored material must be explicitly identified at the time of broadcast as paid for and by whom. Payola is punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than one year or both.

What remains to be answered is if Soros or Google made financial contributions to Oliver in order for him to make his plea to his viewers.

Over the holiday weekend the Daily Caller reported, “Net neutrality activists left signs at Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai’s house Saturday, telling his children that their father was an ‘evil’ man who ‘murdered’ democracy.

“The cardboard signs list Pai’s children by name, telling them that “you don’t have to be evil.” Pai’s leadership of the FCC has been fraught with criticism due to his rejection of net neutrality policies advocated by former President Barack Obama’s administration. The FCC announced last week that it plans to role back net neutrality rules, triggering protests outside the Pai family’s home for the second time this year.”

In addition, there have been many racists comments made against Pai, who is Indian American. I guess it’s OK to be racist towards your opponent in Liberalworld.

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