Wish List Leaves Off No. 1 Issue

There was an editorial in Sunday’s paper in which the author revealed his “holiday wish list for Memphis.”

As you might expect, his wish list differs greatly from mine and probably yours.

Leading his list was “I wish that all Memphians cared about the health and safety of young people who are around them.” I guess that leaves out those who aren’t visible, i.e. the unborn. Next he wished “that our local politicians would stop feuding so much in public.” He was referring to the County Mayor Luttrell scuffle with County Commissioner Heidi Shafer. Why? Isn’t a robust discussion important? I’m surprised, too, because they are both Republicans and the author is a Democrat. They usually love to see an internecine fight.

Next, he asks for “a consensus that would allow for the peaceful and dignified removal of Confederate monuments from Memphis owned parks before spring of next year.” That’s dog whistle talk for the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s death in our city. Appearances, you know. Does that issue fix anything?

Following that was a wish “for exciting and competitive political races in 2018 for Tennessee governor, the U.S. Senate and Shelby County Mayor.” Translation: Why must Republicans win in our Republican state?

Lastly, he asked for “a lessening of the political divisions that are pulling our nation apart at its partisan seam.” In other words, why is Trump pointing out how the elite have been running and ruining this country for years. It was so much better under Obama when everyone buckled under him and shut up because there would be repercussions. Yes, tyrannies do keep everyone quiet. Not happy, but quiet.

Do you notice a glaring omission on his list?


He didn’t address Memphis’ No. 1 problem at all.

It appears to worsen every day. Even so, it was shocking to read in Nextdoor that a couple in their 70s were out for a leisurely stroll 3 p.m. Thanksgiving day. The post relayed: “Two young black men in hoodies approached the couple: the men in hoodies had one large hand gun, held it to the man’s head and then the women’s torso and demanded belongings. The couple had nothing on them so the robbers took off, fortunately without physical harm. This happened on Rozelle between Carr and Vinton. Police were notified. Phelps was called as well.”

How in the world can a city function when people cannot go out in broad daylight and walk around their neighborhood? Conclusions people drew from the incident were that you shouldn’t carry anything on you when you walk and that more people need to join Phelps.

That’s all very fine, but we need a mayor, city council, politicians, a good justice system, newspaper and media that will address this problem. Curtail it first, then look for the root causes and work on that.

If a city can’t protect its citizens, is there any city there?

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