Mid Southerners Talk to Fox

This morning Fox & Friends had a reporter visit a restaurant in our almost next door neighbor, Olive Branch, Mississippi. It’s one of the things they started doing last year during the presidential campaigns to get the opinions of flyover Americans. It’s usually an engaging segment.

This morning’s was done by reporter Todd Piro at the Neighborhood Grill. It was very engaging. Here’s what people had to say.

First was Judy, a professor and Trump voter. Hmm. Good to know those exist. She said Trump reminds her of Ronald Reagan “because he was a little crazy and Russia never knew what he would do. And it doesn’t hurt to have a president who’s a little bit crazy sometimes also because we don’t know what Kim’s (of North Korea) going to do and they don’t know what Trump’s going to do. And that’s always a good thing.”

Then T.K., a small businessman in the medical field and Trump voter, said he needs tax reform for his small business. “Everything is taxed too much. We can’t expand because we don’t have any idea of what the tax will be next year. If we had a tax system that was steady, I believe that everybody would be happy.”

Piro then asked him why he wasn’t worried about the rich getting tax cuts. “It will go back into the economy, if they pay dividends they’ll go back into the economy, if they buy back the stock somebody will pay taxes on that, somebody’s going to reinvest; doesn’t matter who’s getting tax cuts. Everybody’s going to be spending money. Right now nobody can save money. What’s the interest rate? Half a percent?”

Amazingly, another professor who voted for Trump was interviewed. Doesn’t that go against the stereotype of Southerners?

Piro returned to North Korea. The professor said he thinks Trump is handling it well. “He’s handling it as well as he can under the circumstances. The point made earlier that we really don’t know anything about Kim and what he might do. We’re a little afraid of his craziness but let’s face it, if he were to attack the U.S. we would retaliate and wipe him out. We have a difficult problem with him but I think President Trump is acknowledging that we haven’t done anything in the past that’s worked, so let’s try something different. That difference is certainly not the same old thing and I’m glad of that.”
Next was another retired educator who also voted for Trump. Piro said “you like the way he is agitating. Why?”

The man replied, “Times are changing in the United States of America and I feel like politicians are sitting in the House and the Senate not doing what they were elected to do. That they do not represent the people. They need to get out, take their blinders off and look around. Ronald Reagan was the last president who when he spoke he carried a big stick and everybody understood that. Right now Donald Trump is beginning to hit in that era the same way. People are starting to listen to him. He is a businessman, multi, multi billionaire. Let him do what he knows what to do best and that is running the business of the United States of America. Listen to him.”

Cathy, not a Trump fan, said she is sick and tired of the way he seems to be disrespected in our country. Why? She said “I’m not a big fan of Trump, but I do think the office of the President deserves respect. And people should give him a chance and some respect. And I think he doesn’t get that from the get go. So I think he’s had a hard time because of that.”

Jeff, an insurance appraiser, commented on the deficit. He’s not that worried about it. “I just think that if you bring the jobs back and the companies back to the country that that will be taken care of over the long haul. I didn’t see a lot of concern about the ten trillion that was added to the deficit in the last eight years and I think that just adding that one trillion or one and a half trillion over the next ten years is not that significant.”

Danny, a retired air traffic controller, returned to the North Korea issue. “I think that the only thing they understand is force, so when they fire a missile or threaten to fire a missile we have to retaliate. I would like to see us shoot them down as soon as they fire one at us.”

Table mate Larry agreed. “He’s a bully (Kim) and the only thing a bully understands is force. A punch in the nose and he’ll back off.” Terry added, “We’ve been diplomatic about this thing for the last twenty years and this guy’s a bully and he needs to be handled accordingly.”

Steve, a lifelong Republican and Trump voter said, “I’m sick of all the obstructionists, Democrat or Republican. We voted people in to do their job; they’re not doing their job. And the same machine, the same upswell in the country that elected President Trump are the ones who can get rid of these obstructionists and put in people who can get the job done.” He added he’s “ecstatic at the job” President Trump is doing.

All of them spoke articulately. If only our Republican officials will listen to them!

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