Flynn Flipping?

Mike Flynn’s pleading guilty to lying to the FBI has all of Washington atwitter and on twitter. ABC’s Brian Ross believes he will implicate Trump.

So far it doesn’t look like there’s any there there.

To buttress my case, consider how our Congressman, Steve Cohen, is almost panting at the thought that he could be on the forefront of the impeach Trump movement. That alone tells you something. Cohen has never shown any sense whatsoever; he never has. He’s never done anything substantive nor has he been a great thinker. Nuff said?

To continue, some of the older hands in DC have put the brakes on this car crash. Like Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard, Andy McCarthy of National Review, Rush Limbaugh and Brit Hume who tweeted “This is the right question” backing up a tweet here:

Subsequently he tweeted, “The lies Flynn now admits telling the FBI seem essentially the same as what he got fired for telling Mike Pence. Trump acknowledged the Flynn/Russia contacts involved in his news conference last Feb. 16. Mystery is why Flynn lied to both FBI & VP.”

And answered someone’s question: “Did Trump instruct him (Flynn) to lie?” with “Why would he? POTUS acknowledged the contacts w/Russian & other goverments on 2/16 and said he would have ordered Flynn to make them if he thought Flynn weren’t. Said Flynn was doing his job. Such contacts, btw, are not by themselves improper, let alone illegal.”


This whole Special Counsel look is a farce. The hysteria fueled by the liberal media masks that the Emperor has no clothes when it comes to substance. Their indifference to truth is damaging – check out the Dow Jones fall – and wrong. Collusion? Yes, among the media.

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