Carrier Sees Decline

Central Gardens had been alerted to the impending loss of our newspaper carrier. She had announced she will no longer deliver the Commercial Appeal after December 24.

Today she included a letter in with the paper. After thanking us for our business, she writes “The Commercial Appeal best practices have changed in which they provide the daily news. For this reason, many customers have stopped their subscriptions. Again I do not find the job financially rewarding for me to continue. I have shared with many customers that my son Michael attends Grace St. Luke’s, I use the funds from the paper to pay for his tuition. With this in mind, I am seeking a new part-time opportunity to assist with the cost. During this transition, if I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.”

To put it mildly, the lady has more diplomacy in her remarks than all the diplomats in the UN. What she could have written was that nobody wants to buy or waste time with a publication that comes out at the least 12 hours behind all the breaking news. If you like sports, you’ll not find out until two days later the outcome of a game – if it comes at all.

If you like local news, don’t look for it in the CA. They have completely prostituted themselves to Gannett and it’s state wide reach. We’re more likely to find out what’s happening in Nashville or Chattanooga than at our own city hall or local events.

She could have also written that the tone of the paper turns off fair minded people. Everyday is a barrage of anti Trump, anti Republican, anti conservative headlines, stories and editorials. There is only so much hate, bile and lies that fair minded people can take.

She also didn’t say that the newspaper under this management and earlier ones, treats carriers like disposable plates. Use one, throw it away. Don’t invite them to any newspaper events, don’t pay them much, give them long hours, hard routes and make them pay for plastic sleeves and missed papers. Like all liberals, they only tout the importance of the worker and fair wages for that imaginary group of them not the real people. It’s for other people to do, not them.

She sees the decline, but the corporation doesn’t or pretends not to. After all, most of them just want their golden parachutes. Journalism is not what it’s all about.

The carriers have a very difficult job. Why should they do it? I hope our carrier finds a much better job. Perhaps neighbors can help her.

Whatever, she’ll never regret giving up her job at the CA.

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