MLGW Sleight of Hand

Did you nearly choke on your coffee yesterday morning reading the CA’s front page? Aside from the usual propaganda and tirades, there was this headline: “MLGW rates may rise due to drop in electrical sales.”

You might have done a spit take and a double take too, but that’s what it said.

“When it comes to electric power, Memphis area utility customers soon could be paying more in part because they’ve been using less,” the article explained.

But wasn’t using less supposed to cost me less? At least that’s how they sold the smart meters. Because of our planet’s decline in oil and fuel production and because of global climate change and because of harm to the planet, MLGW people told us it was a must to cut down on energy usage.

If you believed that, you were duped, because higher rates were always part of MLGW’s push for smart meters. It never made any sense to me that we should spend the millions it would take to implement them in every home when we already knew that using less costs less – in most rational universes. So why would they insist on smart meters as the only way to save us and our energy?

The answer is because they could then raise rates when this exact scenario happened. Few believed that they would raise rates; the savvy amongst us knew they would. The article says we haven’t had an increase in retail electric rates since 2004. Tomorrow MLGW wants to ask the City Clowncil to raise rates 7%. That’s only $8 a month for a typical household they hurry to tell us. Then this ominous addition: “…the downward or flat trajectory of electric sales could drive further rate changes for utility customers throughout the TVA region.”

Funny, do you ever see any money being put into strengthening our grid or further storm preparation? If they do that, it’s surely not evident. Ask Memphians who lost power in the Memorial Day storm. Instead, it has gone to smart meter purchases and installations.

For you virtue signalling environment loving naive Memphians who took on a smart meter virtue is going to be your own and only reward because after all that belt tightening, energy wise, you won’t see any remunerative result. All the switches to more expensive LED bulbs, the thermostat Next systems and keeping the heat off won’t have done a thing except work against you.

Isn’t it interesting that MLGW chief Jerry Collins is retiring this month. Looks like he wants to leave the mess he’s created. Then he will no longer be responsible for the angry clients he gets.

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