Kelly Causing Problems for NBC

We already knew that insiders at NBC don’t much like Megyn Kelly. But neither do viewers either, it appears.

She has been talked about as a replacement for Matt Lauer on the Today show since she is now the highest paid broadcast “star” at the peacock network. Page Six at the New York Post reports

We’re told that Kelly isn’t a viable savior for NBC. She was hired by the network amid great fanfare for a reported $23 million a year, but she just had the worst November sweeps ratings of any in the history of the 9 a.m. hour of “Today” — across all demos.

The all-important quarterly measurements of viewers tend to be higher in November than in July, when fewer people are watching TV in general, so the news that Kelly’s numbers were lower in November than in July is particularly hair-raising for execs. Kelly took over in September.

Ouch! Looks like touting yourself as a great TV journalist, stepping over and using people plus trying to be something you’re not doesn’t work in the end. Poor MeAgain! What happens when her contract runs out?

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