If at First You Don’t Succeed…

The Progressives try, try again. That’s apparent after yesterday’s City Clowncil meeting (sorry to use that term, but I can never again see them as anything but a bunch of clowns bumbling and fumbling life for Memphians).

Here’s what they managed to do at yesterday’s meeting. They committed us to pre-K. That’s been a progressive dream for years. According to the advocates, pre-K will save us all. Mayor Strickland says “It can truly be a gamechanger.” How? How many kids will it entail? How will we get the money for it? Strickland wants to do it by increasing the hotel/motel tax to 5%. That’s the state maximum. Thank God for Republicans running our state or it would be outrageous.

Clowncil man Berlin Boyd finds pre-K to be more important than police. Tell that to your neighbors whacked over the head in their own driveways. “We have to do something,” he said. “We cannot sit on the sidelines and say our answer to Memphis’ problems is finding more money for police.”

The mothers of many pre-K black kids killed in drive bye shootings might disagree.

If you’ll recall, this issue of Pre-K and funding came up in the fall of 2013. Memphians voted down a tax increase to fund it. Here we are back at it again. Progressives never stop.

The Clowncil also endorsed an MLGW rate hike. For liberals, taxation is the solution for all problems. We’ve had a hike in the water rates last year, a gas rate hike in 2008 and an electric hike in 2004. We were told that cutting back energy use would save us money and save the planet. Looks like neither of those is now happening.

Then the Clowncil members would like to extend term limits for them and the mayor. Bill Morrison says it’s for our good. “I truly feel this is a step to serve our constituencies better.” Sure. There’s never enough time at the trough for liberals.

However, I’m not so sure Strickland will get another term. He has done a poor job all the way around in my opinion. We’ll see.

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