What Is the Left?

In reading a blog I like I ran across this comment. The person succinctly describes Leftism.

Let’s be a bit more honest. Leftwingers lie. You’re thinking that they’re like Conservatives and that they’re being straightforward about their motivations and drives, which they never are.
They hate themselves (and I mean that literally), humanity itself (they truly think less humans would be a good thing), their parents (Babyboomers were psychotic in this regard), their country (they believe everything about us is wrong), and their race, whatever that may be. They’re childish, infantile, lazy and want everything handed to them. When they see a successful person they’re filled with envy and want to figure out a way to bring that person down.

They just support anything that destroys everything life sustaining and positive.

So they literally support crime, yes, they’re literally pro-crime, pro-baby killing and pro-chaos. Who the hell else would watch BLM burning down a city and make excuses for it and support it altogether? I was horrified by the Kate Steinle verdict. Weren’t we all? Yet what was the Right’s reaction? No burning down of San Francisco. Just a federal case brought against the monster. In other words something constructive, not destructive. The Right builds, the Left just wants to tear down every institution the West has built.

You make a big mistake when you take them at their word. Their motivations are deeply dark.

Like they’re never pro-woman. They’re truly anti-man. They’re not builders, they’re destroyers. It’s a very dark philosophy. I know because like many a Conservative I’m actually a former liberal until I found out the truth about their motivations.

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