Space to Grow

Yesterday President Trump announced that we will up our space program. He wants American astronauts to go to the moon again and then Mars.

He said, “This is a giant step toward that inspiring future and toward reclaiming America’s proud destiny in space. And space has to do with so many other applications, including a military application. So we are the leader and we’re going to stay the leader and we’re going to increase it many fold.”

I noticed at the event that a smiling Florida Senator Bill Nelson got as close to Trump as he could for photographers. He wants to take advantage of this move for growth in Florida.

Some may ask why we are doing this after Obama more or less dumped the space program. His only concern seemed to be that we get Muslims employed at NASA.

Just like the British controlled the seas to dominate and achieve their empire, we must have a command in space. That is where communications are done and probably warfare will go.

I ran across this interesting clip. It said, “Helium-3 is a very rare gas with the potential to fuel clean nuclear fusion power plants. However, one of the problems is that the nearest supply of helium-3 is on the Moon. This video by Christopher Barnatt discusses the nuclear physics, space exploration and global politics that may be involved in mining the Moon for helium-3.”

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