Bama Bummer

Today is not the day to listen to mainstream media – or even Fox News – if you’re a conservative. The election of Democrat Jones to the Senate beating Republican Roy Moore will have anchors and commentators saying Roll Tide all day. It won’t be a crimson tide they’re applauding, but a blue one over red state Alabama.

Polls had been unreliable in this election as they are in most. Fox News poll had Jones ahead by ten points; a local poll taker on Hannity yesterday had Moore ahead by 7. You could take your pick. Others pendulumed throughout the fall as accusations of misconduct by Moore 40 years ago broke.

There have been signs of other trouble. During the primary, President Trump supported Luther Strange. What did Trump know? Reports of Moore prancing around DC as if he had already won the election disturbed many political observers. Yesterday Moore’s prancing to the poll – truly, astride a horse – reflected a narcissism that raised eyebrows.

This weekend Drudge noted that Moore didn’t appear to be campaigning in Alabama and his surrogates did interviews for him. What was up with that? Was he that confident or just lazy?

Jones’ election is a blow to Steve Bannon. He was the one who interfered in the election to push Strange aside and promote Moore. It’s unlikely he’ll have much clout in other elections now. Bannon’s move allowed the Democrats to do the divide and conquer strategy. It’s one they’ll use again and again if there is a rift between Republican groups. All they have to do is hope the weakest GOPer wins in a primary and then find a flaw or make an accusation and he loses. If it can happen in Alabama, it can happen in pink states that might vote in a Democrat.

Trump needs to send his analytics team to the RNC pronto. Jared Kushner oversaw the successful collection of date for Team Trump. They were outstanding. They can pour over counties to turn out Republicans plus help in fundraising.

Meanwhile some Republican needs to turn the tables and start attacking New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. He’s been to trial on corruption, resulting in a hung jury, but there’s a lot of material there. Funny how Gloria Allred doesn’t seem concerned about his sexual shenanigans with underaged girls. There’s plenty in his story to make Democrats cede any moral high ground they think they have maneuvered.

Expect the Dems and the media to be insufferable for a long time after this election. It will be there rallying cry. The CA, which has already promoted Phil Bredesen for Senate already, will crown him the winner against Marsha Blackburn before a vote is cast. We’ll be subjected to his accomplishments for the next 11 months.

Our party had better learn to be proactive and not reactive. There’s plenty of ammunition out there against Democrats. Let’s use it.

There is a bit of solace to be had however. The Conservative Treehouse blog compares Doug Jones to Scott Brown. He noted the parallels months ago:

One party in power.
A special election in a deeply one-sided state everyone takes for granted.
A seat formerly held by a stalwart of the party in power. (Kennedy / Sessions)
A disgruntled opposition party whose grassroots strategy is under the radar.
A generally ‘unlikable candidate‘, who spent more time in DC than campaigning in the state where it mattered.

And Jones only won by one point.

We remember what happened to Brown. In the next election – which was just two years – he lost to Democrat Elizabeth Warren. She trounced him 54 to 46.

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