Flag Flap in Midtown

Yesterday morning, by the dawn’s early light, when I went out to walk the dog, I didn’t see the broad stripes and red stars of Old Glory on my porch.

The flag on its pole has flown there since right after 9/11. Replacements have been put up when years of sun dimmed the red, white and blue. A flag has flown throughout every storm and even managed to weather the Obama years.

But for some reason, on Saturday morning, it was gone.

At first I wondered if a strong wind had torn it and blown it somewhere. I looked in the bushes, yard and down the street. No flag.

On closer examination, two remnants still had the grommets attached. It looked as if someone ripped it down or cut it down.

It’s hard to imagine why someone would take the time to cut down a flag. I looked down the street and neighbors’ flags were still there. It appeared to be a targeted mission.

Was it taken because we are Republicans? That’s the only conclusion I can draw. Politics is not something I discuss with neighbors – ever – but there are some strong liberal sentiments evident from yard signs to bumper stickers. There’s a red glare for sure on the street.

Will the star spangled banner yet wave again over my house? We’ll have to see what happens when another one is put up.

This being Memphis, however, it will have a camera placed to see who the perpetrator might be.

And they say conservatives are mean. More and more it’s the liberals who are unhinged and violent. They only see the U.S. as belonging to them and their ideology and they have no tolerance for anything else. They are desperate and it shows.

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