Nativity Story Gets Twisted

One of the most outrageously biased and stupid editorials appeared today in the CA.

That’s saying something because they have specialized in bias and stupid for years now.

It was by their Viewpoint editor, a man who had to slink back to the CA after a failed tenure at the Washington Post, if you’ll recall. He has done “religious” stories for years, although his own beliefs don’t necessarily show a particular belief in God.

That didn’t stop him from writing today’s send off on the Nativity story. Well, whenever you’ve heard the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus, didn’t you immediately think about tax reform? This editor managed to use that story to condemn the tax bill that is about to pass. He headlines it, “Blessed are the rich, for they are Caesar’s keepers on tax reform.”

He begins, “Joseph won’t be getting a tax cut next year, and he could really use one.

“His health insurance premiums are going up. His rent and utilities are going up. His co-workers keep getting arrested for failing to follow the government’s registration decree. And his young wife is pregnant.”

Wow! His health insurance premiums are going up due to the complete failure of Obamacare. His utilities are going up because MLGW has decreed that the less energy you use, the more you’ll pay. If you want to complain about government registration fees and regulations, again, thank Obama and his Democrats. They regulate anything they see.

He continues, “Joseph makes $30,000 a year as a carpenter. It’s an honest job but not one that qualifies for special treatment by government tax collectors or their wealthy donors.”

Joseph WON’T BE PAYING ANY TAXES! Of course he doesn’t get a tax cut. He doesn’t pay it to begin with! This is just insane.

“His absentee landlord, a wealthy man who owns a real estate LLC and lives far away, is getting a big tax cut. So is the wealthy businessman who owns the real estate development company Joseph does work for, and who keeps hiring his unregistered co-workers.”

Maybe the wealthy real estate people already pay too much in taxes. Maybe with a little extra money they can expand their business and employ Joseph in more jobs for more needed carpentry work and expand his income. As for “unregistered co-workers,” these are the people the editor wants to allow in without any restrictions. Don’t you see your own hypocrisy, David?

“So are all of the wealthy lawmakers who met behind closed doors to change the tax laws in their favor,” he continues.

Surely he remembers that the people he’s talking about were duly elected by their constituents. They are reflecting the will of the people, which is what happens in a republic.

He continues, “Joseph didn’t go to college, but he’s no dummy. He knows that it’s easier for a working man to go through the eye of a needle than to get a tax break in this country.”

Again – he doesn’t need a tax break because HE DOESN’T PAY ANY TAXES! He goes on with more drivel, “Now the wealthy lawmakers and their rich leader are talking about cutting the programs funded by those payroll taxes – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”

Now that is an outright lie. The “rich leader” throughout the campaign insisted – and was the only one in the primaries – that he would not touch Social Security. Nor do I see them stopping Medicare and Medicaid. They are the hobgoblin liberals drag in to any economic argument.

His infuriating drivel continues with more claptrap, probably devoured by the ignorant ones who swallow whatever their rich leaders (and there are more in the Democrat party than the GOP) tell them.

A now retired co-worker of this misguided editorial writer once had an interesting conversation with him. Waters was bemoaning the plight of the poor. The co-worker suggested the writer could do something about it by donating funds himself.

He was met with disbelief. The writer was astounded. “But that’s my money,” he said.

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