Now It’s Mob Squads for Votes

Whenever I see the words “flash mob,” “youths” and “vote” together it makes me queasy.

I don’t like the idea of mobs playing a role in elections. Has that ever ended well? Often it not only leads to election fraud, but also to violence. Not good things for a republic.

Students here are getting ready to form flash mobs, according to the CA. The story says, “If the scheme works, any place where crowds are gathered a youth mob could erupt into a pro-vote song and dance, complete with the tools required to register new voters on the spot.”

Remember the “flash mob” of Black Panthers outside a poll in Philadelphia in the 2008 election? Do you imagine they politely helped old people to the voting machine and respected Republican signs properly placed in front? More likely intimidation and violence happened and why wouldn’t it with youth flash mobs?

We are assured that “the movement is bipartisan.” Why do I doubt this? Maybe because most of this activity is happening at schools and universities – the birthplaces of leftist ideologies and Trump hatred.

One participant said, “…youth are having the opportunity to learn about civic engagement and finally learning a flash mob dance.” That sounds straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”
There is a website,, that explains the group:

VOTE MOB is NOT an organization. We’re a network of informal teams, crews, artists, and local partners who organize to vote in a way that is similar to organizing a surprise birthday party or a Facebook event. VOTE MOBS are fun, creative, and tap existing social networks.

Instead of the traditional model of volunteers knocking on random doors, or standing on street corners asking “are you registered to vote?” VOTE MOBS go where folks are at and do wild and crazy things. Registering and voting is just the beginning. VOTE MOBS do giant flash mobs, public art, direct action, social media, bar crawls, spread memes, the whole nine. One of our signature actions is home-made local voter guides that give a smart-mouthed, opinionated (but well-researched) take on the candidates to help you cast informed votes up and down the ballot –from School Board on up.

The model is inspired by Canadian students who organized HUGE crazy VOTE MOBs all over Canada in just a couple of days.

We are still inventing VOTE MOB – collectively! A huge part is what YOU invent and teach us. We are talent scouting for creative trouble-makers. Come join us.

There is then a list of states where this is happening.

Hitler Youth? Kind of, but remember, we’re the fascists, not them.

Notice, too, that they don’t want you to think. The purpose of the flash is to corral a voter and impress upon him/her their cool thinking before any actual thinking takes place.

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