Keeping Us in the Dark

The Washington Post has as its motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It’s ironic because that rag never does anything towards illuminating the truth.

But I thought of it when I saw them tearing down the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue last night.

Mayor Strickland writes a long email “explaining” his actions and how heroic he is. If all that is true and he’s in the right, why did he have to do it in darkness without any notification beforehand to Memphians?
There are other questions he didn’t answer, too. Didn’t the park belong to UT? It was called UT Center for the Health Sciences Park. How was he able to sell it?

Whatever happened to the state Landmark Commission’s say in all of this? How did he jump over them? Why weren’t other people allowed to bid on the parks? Why did the winning bid go to his friend Van Turner? Did he really buy it for just $1,000? That seems the deal of the century for a prime piece of downtown.

Why wasn’t all this done in transparency?

Where is the statue being taken? All he says is an undisclosed location. What about the bodies buried there? Is it better for them to go to Elmwood? Maybe they don’t want them either.

Why employ tactics used by ISIS and Stalin? Must history be shaped the way you want it?

Will the removal of the statues help black people in any tangible way?
Why can’t the mayor devote as much time, energy and scheming towards correcting our crime problems, the failure of our schools including why it’s OK to give passing grades to kids who don’t even attend school and bringing jobs to Memphis as he does to pleasing (maybe) one constituency?

Why no desire to take down the statue of Mayor Crump? He epitomizes the racist attitude and actions of anti black Southerners. Yet not a peep about this Democrat.

If you disagree, you’re a raaaacist, so please leave our utopia. But keep sending that property tax money would you? The city likes that.

There were lots of comments on his statement on his facebook page. Many were complimentary. Many were not. Here’s a sample:

What makes it worse is the sneaky and fishy way the Memphis city council went on with it, mysteriously selling the parks just before the removal without anyone knowing it and then suddenly removing the statues. But hey, it is more important for Jim Strickland and his comrades to remove history than to remove violent crime and to bring Businesses to Memphis, Tennessee. They are a bunch of cowards

I bet all those people cheering do not know true history Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Democrat….

I guess you suffer from white guilt, you sell out!

YOU, sir… are nothing more than a decaying piece of fecal material not worthy of breathing the same air as America’s citizens. How DARE you act independently on your own rather than subject this decision to a VOTE of the citizens of Tennessee. You, my friend… are living on borrowed time.

The bigger issue is the tactic used to remove the statues. Side stepping state law and selling taxpayers assets behind the taxpayer’s back to an insider is corrupt.
Sorry, I didn’t understand the statue was sold. I thought it was 2 pieces of very valuable park land. My bad.
It happened because we are all white racists with white privilege so we must be punished and all white history shall be erased because it’s offensive to all pc people
Good move Slick. I think you are ready for a position in Congress.
You nothing but a grave loiter!
I wrote this to the city council: The city council cannot make that decision! Another act of terrorism during the middle of the night! Memphis will now enter into the realm of Detroit & Chicago. The blood of of 700,000 American Confederate & Union soldiers blended together into the soil of the south. The Civil War is over! Stop this insanity! I have no desire to ever visit Memphis again! Take away all the statues & it changes nothing! What remains is your hate & that hate only enslaves you!
What next. Gonna dig up all the graves at The Arlington Cemetery?

I voted for you worthless :)&?/:! Now I will work like crazy to see you are NOT re-elected!!
Matthew has a badge showing that they are a constituent of Jim Strickland coward piece trash mayor I will never vote for a spineless loser like this again
Well, I guess since just about all the taxpayers moved out of the city and your selling public land dirt cheap, you won’t be needing anymore county taxpayer’s dollars.

Research Van Turner. A democrat educated at Morehouse College, a “mens college, historically African American”. Seems that Mr. Turner doesn’t mind taking advantage of the system he now seeks to destroy. Men’s college discriminates against women and “historically African American” discriminated against any other race. Double standards, two faced and dishonest.

Class action lawsuit!!!!
What a corrupt and cowardly act to sale the parks for 1000.00 just to tear them down.

Why don’t you worry about crime instead of a statue , oh I forgot you’ll can’t control crime and no one wants to live in Memphis anymore.

Corrupt and cowardly act
So in this letter he Admits that they simply put together a scheme to do this , I do hope he and his Cronies face Lawsuits until he is thrown out of his plush office , His entire scheme is crooked as Hell , Where did the statues end up ? What about the Graves , All this IDIOT was after was pleasing the Black Voters , Clames this was his mission for years , An absolute MORON !!!
Are you going to remove the WWII memorials now? They might offend some Japanese or Germans living in Memphis. Just herd mentality and MOB rule and stirring up emotions not to mention back room deals. Typical communist-I mean democrat actions

Corrupt mayor,corrupt council,corrupt school board…..crime rampant… stop……Detroit.
You and the council are disgusting. You’ve helped widen the racial divide and from what I’ve read, violated several laws and rulings in the process. Fine example to set, only obey the law when it’s convenient. If you violated the law, I hope they prosecute every single person involved. If you somehow skirted the law, you’ve shown just how morally corrupt you are.

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