Post Blows Up Nextdoor

A resident of Central Gardens started a thread about the taking down of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue.

That took a lot of guts or else a lot of naivete because the person received bad comments that have persisted. It was even suggested that the resident doesn’t belong in Central Gardens because of these views.

I saw nothing racist in the remarks, however the easiest and harshest slur you can hurl is “racist.”

There were comments such as this one:

“The original person that wrote this and a lot of others I sée racist as heck and maybe you would be better suited in the suburbs of Collierville or Germantown the statues came down like they should have been a long time ago in the people bringing up history there’s not a statue of Hitler and nobody’s forgot about what he’s done so let’s get on with the story and just tell the true story which is that you are a racist and you want the statue to show your true racist self because nobody is going to forget them and the evil that they were so please get on to another topic because that has been played out over and over and I’m so sick and tired of people hiding their racist true self behind people will forget the history no not going to happen thank you Memphis for doing the right thing and removing both those statues and come election time I will vote for Strickland.”

Then, “Hey! I think your interest in civic affairs is fascinating! Might I humbly suggest that the extent of your civic duty might go beyond your front f****** yard. Feel free to get involved in finding Solutions instead of problems. No one cares how much your house was valued at. Mainly because it was valued in a completely fraudulent Market in a completely fraudulent country. So why not, instead of doubling down on the b******* of the past, come together and walk forward? If you would like to get involved I have a number of organizations that could use all the help they can get especially considering these trying times under the Trump Regime. If you’re interested in doing more than throwing your hands up in the air feel free to message me.”

And, “Good grief, nobody wants to erase your history. These statues belong in museums. The Civil Rights Museum has a large section on the Civil War, the KKK and slavery but I’m guessing some of the posters here wouldn’t ever want to go there. Hell, build a Confederacy museum and honor them all you want. What we object to is glorifying them in public space.”
Where is the civility liberals talk about?
Others said: “..Racism is just another thing holding us back….Did I want the statues removed….. HELL NO….that is history, And in ten yrs the Civil War will prob be not in school books… main thing can’t we all just get along?? And no I’m no pushy liberal or liberal at all….I just think the word would be better id we LISTENED to each other and not judge one another for no reason…”

And: “The Forrest memorial went up in 1904, which coincides w/ JIm Crow. However, I came across a website that details (and I mean DETAILS!) the dedication festivities that were attended by an estimated 25-30,000 people. It recounts how the Forrest Memorial Asso. was started in 1891 after some private fundraising efforts dating back to 1887, 10 years after Forrest’s death. By 1900 enough funds had been raised to contact sculptors re the statue. Thus, Jim Crow had nothing to do w/ the fundraising and there is nothing in the dedication speeches about inequality, slavery, or keeping anyone in their place. About all they talked about was his military exploits. My admittedly less-than-exhaustive online research suggests that late in life Forrest got religion and actually became an advocate for negro rights and economic opportunity. He even appears to have been held in some measure of esteem by the local black community. Of course, no one wants to hear that.”

The person with the original post added: “You’re correct. Also, as far as the KKK thing goes, I will get into this for a second: FIRST, Forrest dedicated himself to trying to DEMOLISH the KKK about 15 months after its founding. During the immediate post-war period in 1865, the South was under some of the most brutal reconstruction policies that could be imagined. (The occupation of New Orleans, under a Gen. Butler, is still considered to be one of the most brutal occupations in military history – with every male over the age of 11 being taken out and dumped into the alligator infested swamps and shot on sight if they tried to re-enter the city – while locks were removed from the doors, and any female resisting the advances of a union soldier were to be hung.)

“In fact, all over the place, people were being subjected to all manner of thieving and brutality – with no help from the authorities (who were Union troops) at all. As was stated by someone who lived it, “the war destroyed the brightest and the best, and left the women and children with no one to protect them”. That was true – and the atmosphere caused victimization of everybody that was a Southerner – despite their race. The founding of the KKK was begun to try and answer some of this – as the Federal forces refused to defend Southerners, black or white. It was the day of the carpetbagger, What Forrest didn’t count on, nor did many who joined him at the time, was that there were certain people who would take on what was supposed to be a guardianship status and use it to brutalize and terrorize black people. That was NOT the point of the KKK. What it quickly became was something abhorrent. That’s why Forrest began trying to dismantle it only 15 months after its founding. Forrest wasn’t a traitor, nor a loser. New York state tried to secede – in fact, the Federal government shelled the civilian population of New York City in order to force the populace there into submission, and prevent them from leaving the Union. (Since lots of people like movies – check out “Gangs of New York” for that one historical reference – the shelling of New York. It’s mentioned in that movie.) All for now. . . .”

Finally someone said, “This makes me laugh…Hey lets all jump each others ass!!!! Hell it’s only xmas!!!!!!! I was not born in 1880 nor 1980 but in MEMPHIS it’s all race…stop, think and grow up….this is dumb…Close this crap.”

Will it? Probably not. The way the mayor did this will inflame the issue more. He should have worked through the law, through the Monuments commission or through a referendum.

No one’s attitude is going to change on this the way he did it. Typical Democrat/Progressive approach of ramming it down peoples’ throats.

Didn’t work for Obamacare, did it?

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