Bluff City Blues?

After Mayor Strickland’s removal of the Confederate statues, happiness has broken out all over the city. Have you noticed? The weather has been better, crime is minimal, race relations are terrific and our economy has never looked so good.

What, no? Well you wouldn’t know that from the front page story of today’s CA. According to them, Memphians have never felt better about their city.

One supporter of the statue removals is quoted, “I have lived in Memphis for 27 years. It has become a better place to live every year.” Another says, “The outsiders and malcontents are obnoxiously loud, but the rest of us are sitting here in solidarity. Thank you.”

The story was about how “trolls” have trashed Memphis and even attacked – verbally – Mayor Strickland for his actions. He posted “Merry Christmas” on facebook and got slammed with negative comments. These same trolls drove down Memphis’ ratings, which prompted a reporter to get his buddies to make nice comments, upping the rating.

Of course, every reporter’s job description includes social justice warring now, doesn’t it?

The “success” may launch Strickland into more changes, such as changing street names like Manassas to more politically correct ones and taking down more statues.

That is, if he gets reelected.

There is a cold fury at his Stalinist tactics that won’t be recorded by polls or newspaper and media apologists and pollsters. Very few will get embroiled in such a racially hot topic. But they will remember.

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