CA’s Obsession

The Civil War is not over according to the CA and the North did not win.

That’s what you’d have to think if you read the continual obsession the newspaper has with Confederate statue removal.

Once again, it’s at the top of the front page. This angle is “How the Confederate Statues Came Down.”

The editor, Mr. Russell, can’t move on. He apparently thinks that was the newspaper’s Watergate moment. It’s pathetic.

The more the CA picks at the racial issue, the worse they make it. Every article is cloaked in terms of racism. Memphians are tired of being portrayed that way. Unfortunately the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death in our city coming up April 4, will encourage more of this.

I believe in soul searching, but this has gone beyond that. The hopeful note is that the CA may kill itself in the near future. Maybe then we can get on with being decent citizens to one another. They aren’t helping now.

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