Watch Out for Nativity Scenes!

Now that Epiphany has passed, the Christmas season is officially finished.

Now many of you still have Christmas decorations up, especially you Midtowners. If you have a Nativity scene, I would advise you take it down today. After all, given Mayor Slickman’s propensity towards finding statues offensive, he may send police to your yard and take them down himself. Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the Wise men – these are obviously cultural threats to others. Take them down or you may not know where they have gone. Or, you may find your lot has suddenly been sold to a friendly associate of his for $2.

If you have Santa, snowmen or reindeer adorning your front yard, feel free to keep them up as long as you like. I’ve seen Christmas decorations in Midtown still hanging around in February. Mayor Slickman will not care about these at all.

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