Oprah May Regret

This talk of Oprah Winfrey as a presidential candidate for the Dems is already backfiring.

There are plenty of clips from her own lips that don’t sound very attractive to voters. She should have shut her pie hole on many occasions like this one when she talked to the BBC about South Africa. (By the way, remember her school in South Africa? The one she founded that was called out for child abuse? She didn’t mention that at last night’s Golden Globes speech on sexual harassment.)

The Gateway Pundit reminds us, “In a 2013 BBC interview with Will Gompertz to discuss her move The Butler, Oprah said in order to achieve racial progress, there is an entire generation of prejudiced people who ‘just have to die’.”

Hard to get voters enthused about someone who wants some of them dead. I look forward to Trump’s eventual name for her.

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