Dems Trumped Again

You really have to step back and admire the depth of understanding President Trump has when it comes to communication.

Perhaps this weekend you gasped when you saw that Trump had called himself a “very stable genius” in reply to the Michael Wolff book describing him as a nutcase. At first glance it looks like a big serving of hubris that will turn off the public. So many on our side get upset when he tweets things like this because they think it will hurt him.

To those, I say stop clutching your pearls. It’s OK. He knows what he’s doing. Don’t take it from me; take it from Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist who has become a very popular political commentator. He has a lot of cred because he saw early on that Trump was campaigning in a persuasive way and believed he would win the election when the “best” pundits didn’t.

As Adams describes it on his podcast at his blog,, Wolff’s accusations cannot be disputed directly. Anyone who says I am not stupid, I am not crazy, I’m not a racist, immediately gets a raised eyebrow. Of course they’d say that, guilty or not.

So how to refute it? Adams believes Trump responded in a genius way. His statement that he’s a “very stable genius” Trump knew would be repeated all over the press. It would mean that phrase would be tied to him forever. It would be planted in the public’s mind. That would be the best rebuttal he could make to Wolff. POTUSVSG began to trend on twitter.

Then over the weekend we saw Team Trump knock down Wolff’s accusations on every network show. Trump was helped by Wikileaks releasing the book to anyone who wants to read it for free. That should cut down on book sales dramatically.

In another answer to the Wolff charge that he’s a poor leader who can’t hold a meeting, Trump opened his meeting today on immigration reform with Senate and House members to the press. He let participants discuss the issue in a way that can’t be manipulated by the press because the public could listen in.
On the heels of the Center for American Progress leaked report that the Dems must reject any DACA deal or be doomed electorally, Trump flipped that on them, too. We could hear their thoughts on immigration, security and DACA on the record.

None of our other Republican officials have understood how to handle the critics. Trump does. He’s even going to have a fake news awards show tomorrow. That will get his message across in a humorous yet forceful way. He even built more audience for it by delaying it from yesterday’s schedule to tomorrow.

If we’re lucky, some of our GOP friends will begin to catch on and go offense instead of defense whenever critics start up. Maybe. They have an excellent example in Trump. They would do well to follow him.

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