Mole in Trump Camp

On Tuesday Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) released the entire transcript of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS’ testimony to the senate.

Clearly she was hoping to make him look better. A few things have come out from that release – one that someone died because of it (we don’t know who) and also that there was a plant in the Trump campaign put there by the FBI.

Tuesday night reporter Sara Carter from Circa News told Sean Hannity that George Papadopoulos was the mole inside the Trump camp:

A commentator found this out about Papadopoulos:

–He worked for the Hillary State Dept. in 2011.

–Papadopoulos and Sergei Millian (Russian spy) met in London just after Papadopoulos was bragging about his new role in the Trump campaign. Oh, that would be the same Sergei Millian who worked with Fusion GPS as a key source of the smear stories that formed the basis of yep, you guessed it, the Steele Dossier.

–The same Fusion GPS that was secretly being paid by the DNC, Clinton Campaign & Obama for America to destroy Trump using the Trump-Russia lie. Yes, it appears that Papadopoulos was a Dem/Fusion GPS plant.

— Fusion GPS had a well-planned strategy to destroy Trump. One path was the Steele dossier. The other was to place people inside Trump’s campaign team. Their mission: set up meetings between key Trump team members & Russians.

–This is 100% consistent with the tactics we have seen play out with Flynn, AG Sessions, Trump, Kushner, as well as Trump Jr. The objective is always the same – entrap them into meetings with Russians to support the Trump-Russia narrative.

Didn’t you wonder when Papadopoulos was charged that it seemed odd? He really wasn’t anybody others in the campaign knew about or remembered well. Was the perjury charge a ruse to keep his true status secret and make it look like Mueller was producing damaging evidence? In other words, deflection?

The FBI believed the DOJ had their back on this so why not give it a try? It might have been another aspect of the “insurance policy” planned in Andrew McCabe’s office.

As an American, it’s hard to understand how deep the corruption is in the deep state. Just when you think it’s bad enough, more spills out.

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