Did You Know This?

The Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/media are screaming Watergate! Watergate! about the Trump Russia “collusion.”
Of course they are. Taking down President Nixon was an orgasmic experience for them; one they would like to repeat.

Our side understands that it is worse than Watergate. This time it’s not the administration and Republicans who tried to undermine American values, but an out of control Deep State that makes up lies to get Trump ousted.

One of the heroes of Watergate was Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein. With his colleague Bob Woodward they used a Deep State FBI guy, Mark Felt, to attack Nixon. Bernstein has been popping up lately on cable news, particularly CNN. They want you to make the connection between Watergate and “hero” Bernstein and his current objections to Trump.

The only problem is that if you look more closely at who Bernstein is, it isn’t a wholesome picture. Here’s what the Los Angeles Times described in a review of his book “Loyalties.”

Bernstein’s parents were among the thousands radicalized during the 1930s. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Al Bernstein went to Washington and threw himself into the movement to unionize government workers. His wife, Sylvia, was drawn into left-wing politics by the Spanish Civil War. Both felt they were carrying out the principles of the New Deal.

The Bernsteins joined the Communist Party while living in San Francisco in 1942 and left (why is not explained) around 1947. Whether in the party or out, they spent their lives within the broad Old Left community. Both were interrogated by congressional committees and saw friendships shatter and job prospects disappear. For some years, Al Bernstein ran a Washington Laundromat; he later made a living as a fund-raiser for the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

Although Bernstein’s book attempts to show his rebellion against his parents, it’s difficult to imagine that their politics escaped impressing him.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Bernstein fails to see that his own pursuit of Trump uses the same techniques he objected to in Watergate and with his parents.

You’re just not supposed to think about that.

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