Big Fat Rebuke for MeAgain

Isn’t it amazing how media stars criticize the president then step in it themselves?

We have seen this time and again with people like Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, etc. With NBC’s MeAgain Kelly she’s like a moth to a flame.

She did it again this morning on her pathetic show.

According to Page Six of the New York Post:

Megyn Kelly’s secret to staying skinny during law school? Asking her stepfather to fat-shame her.

On Thursday, Kelly, 47, revealed on her eponymous “Today” show that, while studying at Albany Law School in the 1990s, she asked her stepfather, Peter Kirwan, to fat-shame her whenever she wanted to eat.

“Some of us want to be shamed!” Kelly said. “When I was in law school, I was gaining weight, I said to my stepfather, ‘If you see me going into that kitchen one more time, you say, ‘Where you going, fat ass?’ And it works!”

Kelly was interviewing “Fit Mom” Maria Kang, a 37-year-old mommy blogger. Kang drew online ire in 2013 when she posted a photo of herself (looking toned) and her three kids on Facebook, captioned “What’s your excuse?” Critics were quick to accuse Kang of body-shaming less-fit moms.

Kelly’s comments also stirred up controversy on Twitter.

No kidding.

I thought women weren’t supposed to be looked at for their figures. I thought that was a big feminist no no. Evidently Megyn thinks that way, though. Otherwise she wouldn’t consider that something to be ashamed of and ask for rebukes.

Maybe hypocrisy is something she should be more ashamed of than the odd pound or two.

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